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    Welcome to the Student Union

    We hope that you will have a great time at our University.
    On this website, you can find all information about accommodation, Halmstad Student Union and the Pick-up service.

    When you have been admitted to Halmstad University, the Student Union will send you information on how to go about getting help with accommodation, making a notification of interest and applying for pick-up service on your arrival.

    Student Union

    The Student Union exists as an organisation to achieve, through co-operation, things that would be impossible to accomplish for the individual student. The Student Union is there to influence, improve and safeguard the situation for the students at all levels at the University.
    We work together with the University’s international department to safeguard a good international environment at Halmstad University. 

    Membership required

    You have to be a member of the Student Union if you want to stay in our accommodations. To become a member: Direct Payment.

    When we have received your payment, we will send you information about how to search for accommodation.


    Log in through Member Portal if you have a login.